• Expressing my gratefulness.

    Expressing my gratefulness.

    Hi Lisa and Lori,

    This is to express my gratefulness for your services regarding my aunt's estate.  My husband and I decided at our first meeting that we could trust you to competently handle my aunt's diverse possessions.  You showed your professionalism and sensitivity to the persons and memories behind the possessions.  The ability to trust you in the estate home was particularly important.  I found your communications helpful and accommodating.  The combination of in-home, on-line and auction approaches yielded excellent results. Plus I loved the services for boxing the remaining usable items, arranging for their donation. and the clean out of the home, particularly given my husband and I live out of town and have limited time.  Its impressive that you could complete the work so quickly and now the matter (other than the auction piece) is effectively closed.  Yeah!  

    Happy Spring and thanks again,

    COtH Client, Seller
  • Calm, comfort and trust.

    Calm, comfort and trust.

    Hi, Lorie and Lisa,

    Thank you for your quick response. Jim and I appreciate the time you took to meet with us this past Monday, and we thank you for the advice you were able to share. Please know that your attention to detail and professionalism were very apparent, and you both were able to bring a level of calm, comfort and trust to this emotional situation.

    We appreciate your understanding that we are still in the research and investigative stage of an eventual estate sale. The plan is to have details in place in the very near future.

    We wish you both safe travels in the coming weeks.

    Enjoy today,

    Lisa & Jim
    COtH Client, Seller
  • Wonderful job of evaluating and appraising.

    Wonderful job of evaluating and appraising.

    My mother was downsizing after years of being a collector.  My sister and I had no idea as to the value of her collections.  Lisa and Lori did a wonderful job of evaluating and appraising  the items, marketing them and selling them.  We really wanted one stop shopping, and within a week of the sale we had a nice check, receipts for donated items and a clean house.  They made a project which could have been truly daunting very manageable.  They were a pleasure to work with and extremely professional.  We have already recommended  you to our friends.

    Lynn H.
    COtH Client, Seller
  • Incredible job of preparation

    Incredible job of preparation

    I thought I would drop you a quick note to say that I was very impressed at how the estate sale went.  There were consistently a lot of people coming through and I was amazed at the sheer bulk of property that was taken away.  Everyone I talked to was very pleasant and I thought you did an incredible job of preparation and displaying everything.

    Marc S.
    COtH Client, Seller
  • Next generation of Cleveland re-sellers!

    Next generation of Cleveland re-sellers!

    Very Nice and professional team!  Will go to their sales again! Recommended “next generation” of Cleveland re-sellers!

    COtH Client, Buyer
  • Truly a gift.

    Truly a gift.

    Lisa and Lorie,

    We cant thank you ladies enough for helping us get through this process of settling my cousin’s home and its contents.  You truly are a gift from the gods!

    COtH Client, Seller
  • Among the best in Northern Ohio.

    Among the best in Northern Ohio.

    Very professional staff, cared about my reason for needing their services, educated me on how things work, what to expect, how to get certain items for my money etc… I would recommend them to anyone who wants an honest business partner.  They are technology smart and great sales people! My opinion is that they are among the best in Northern Ohio.

    COtH Client, Seller
  • Our community is fortunate to have them!

    Our community is fortunate to have them!

    Lisa and Lorie provide a wonderful service to those of us facing sifting through our late parents’ home.  What seemed like an emotional and impossible task became – I kid you not – fun, profitable, and surprisingly enjoyable “journey” through our family’s history.  Lorie and Lisa deliver and do what they say they will.  They provide friendly and professional advice before the sale, and a quick and accurate and profitable accounting immediately after the sale.  Our community is fortunate to have them!!

    COtH Client, Seller